ASPCA Promo Video Screenshot

ASPCA Promotional Video.

Motion Graphics, Promotional, Charity

Created as a school project at University of North Florida


To create a promotional video for ASPCA and hope that more people will adopt pets.


A logo animation for ASPCA is the opening scene for the promo. The concept is to show the audience that is it okay to adopt more than one pet from the shelter. This video shows a man coming in on adoption day and adopting two loving "talkative" animals.

ASPCA Screenshot


After choosing my concept, and planning out my script for the promo, I sketched out my storyboard.

ASPCA Storyboard ASPCA Storyboard ASPCA Storyboard

The Video.

Illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Voiceover recorded in Garageband

Video created in Adobe After Effects

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