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Commonwealth Trailers Parts is a trailer parts company located in York, Pennsylvania. The company was just acquired in the fall of 2017, and the owner was looking for someone to design their logo and website.


Through research, remote communication via email, phone, and google hangouts video, we were able to finalize a logo, a website design, and business card design. Noticing that many of the competitors in the business generally utilized the same color scheme, we decided to stand out and modernize Commonwealth Trailer Parts by using a bright orange and gray. The website design was sent over to my developer, Kyle so he could develop the website. The business cards were printed via Vistaprint. note: Now when I am driving on the highway I am familiar with the majority of the major trucking businesses' logos. I love it!

Commonwealth Logo Gif


At the same time the logo was in the process of being created, the website design was also coming together. Starting with black and white wireframes, it evolved to the stage of style tiles in order to show the people over at Commonwealth what their website was going to look like at this point.

Commonwealth Trailer Parts Style Tile 1 Commonwealth Trailer Parts Style Tile 2

The Final Site Design.

The final site design was created in AdobeXD.

After exploring different site prototyping tools like InVision, Photoshop, and UXPin, I decided to use and learn AdobeXD for this project. Being able to copy and paste information quickly and easy in AdobeXD was great.

Commonwealth Trailer Parts Mockup 1 Commonwealth Trailer Parts Mockup 2


As someone who doesn't work directly in the trailer business, the beginning stages of this project included countless hours of researching trailer companies. An Adobe InDesign sheet was made of all of the logos found, and all of the sites were saved into a bookmark to look back on as inspiration. Wanting to do a something a little different than some of the other trailer company logos, the idea of using the wheels and the shape of the trailer was utilized in the logo roughs.

Commonwealth Trailer Parts Logo Roughs on Paper

The Final Logo.

The final logo was created in Adobe Illustrator.

Commonwealth Trailer Parts Logo in Black Commonwealth Trailer Parts Logo in Color

The Business Cards.

The Business Cards were created in Adobe InDesign and printed via Vistaprint.

Since the logo and website design were already finished, the business cards were able to be created via a quick turn around. The font and color scheme had already been selected.

Commonwealth Trailer Parts Business Cards

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