FAST Animation Screenshot

FAST Whiteboard Animation.

Motion Graphics, Promotional

Created for The Mental Fitness Center, LLC in York, Pennsylvania


To create an introduction video in the style of a whiteboard animation for the FAST.


Working from the script created by Dr. Lefever, I created a storyboard for the motion piece. For the actual video, I hand illustrated the entire storyboard on a whiteboard and filmed it with my CANONSX50 and a tripod. I then edited the film in Adobe After Effects. More editing was done by Kyle Musco and the voiceover is by Ryan Dinger.

Mental Fitness Center Screenshot


The first step in my process is to build and sketch a storyboard.

FAST Storyboard FAST Storyboard FAST Storyboard FAST Storyboard

The Video.

Filmed and illustrated by Allison Donahue

Voiceover by Ryan Dinger and Voiceover edits by Kyle Musco

Video put together in Adobe After Effects