Grow Cover


Print, Photography, Handlettering

Created as a school project for Olivia's House in York, Pennsylvania


Olivia's House is a grief and loss center in York, Pennsylvania. The owner Leslie Delp did not want the children going through the programs to be journaling with blank notebooks anymore. Knowing that one of my graphic design professors at York College of PA at the time had gone through the program with his kids, Leslie reached out to him. My publication class was lucky enough to create these journals. I was given the target audience of girls aged 9-12.


By visiting Olivia's House multiple times throughout the semester, taking photographs, and meeting with Leslie and her son K.C. Delp, I was able to figure out my concept. My solution includes a journal filled with quotes involving growth, flowers, and positivity, with prompts on almost every page. As the journal goes on, the prompts become more positive and reflective, while the grief program becomes easier with time. My journal is now used at Olivia's House. I also created a website that includes information about Olivia's House, their products and services, a donate page, and a page showcasing "Grow".

Olivia's House


I began by hand lettering in my sketch book. I then cleaned up each sketch in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Finally, I completed the full journal layout in Adobe InDesign.

Olivia's House Process Olivia's House Process Olivia's House Process

A Process Video.

Here is a video of my class' process. A snapshot of me handlettering my spreads for the journal is the feature image. The video explains why we did this project, why we worked with Olivia's House, and how we learned to work with a client.

The Journal.

Printed using, the journal is 56 pages long including the front and back cover. Here are some of those pages.

Grow Page 12 Grow Page 16 Grow Page 19 Grow Page 19 Grow Page 26 Grow Page 36 Grow Page 40 Grow Last Page

The Website.

This is a redesign of the current Olivia's House website with a home page, a donate page, and then a page to showcase the journal I created to help the children at Oliva's House.

Grow Website