Insomnia Video Screenshot


Motion Graphics, Infographic

Created as a school project at University of North Florida


To notify the audience and users that going to sleep with your technology in your bed leads to insomnia. My target audience is adults.


This insomnia animation with a voiceover shows the audience how to fall asleep easier, after providing some examples of recent insomnia studies. The background color goes from a darker blue to a light yellow through the span of the video to showcase the idea of sleeping and waking up.

Sleep Disorder Center


After tons of research on the topic of insomnia. I found recurring articles about how technology affects the sleep schedule of adults. I decided to further the research on this topic, and create a script for it. After the script was created, I sketched out my storyboard.

Insomnia Storyboard Insomnia Storyboard Insomnia Storyboard Insomnia Storyboard

The Video.

Illustrations created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Voiceover created in Garageband

Video created in Adobe After Effects