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Web Re-design

Created for the Nonprofit, Middlelayers


To update the design of the website and make it more user-friendly.


Middlelayers is an up and coming non-profit based in Jacksonville, Florida. When I heard about what they are trying to do in our communities, I wanted to help. Their purpose is to shed light on the "Middlelayers" of society who are working to make their communities better for children. In order to update the design of the website: the typefaces were streamlined, the buttons were redesigned, the navigation bars were updated, and the responsiveness of the site was updated on most devices.

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We began by sketching out some wireframes for the new site's layout. This helped us to make sure the information was all there before we started incorporating the design process.

Middlelayers Process Middlelayers Process Middlelayers Process Middlelayers Process

The Website.

Website created in WordPress

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Middlelayers Website