MRG Web Banner Display

Work for MRG Laboratories.

Web Ad, Advertisement, Flyers

For MRG Laboratories in York, Pennsylvania


Based off of a list of details my client wanted included, I was to fully create and design the banner to promote a new product. Furthermore, MRG holds industry workshops throughout the year and they were looking for a redesign for their flyers. The task was to organize a lot of information into one flyer.


Building off of the brand that MRG Laboratories already incorporates on their website, my client and I decided to use a blue background with white type. I used the typeface Arial, illustrated the gear, and used stock imagery for the photo. For the flyers I decided to stick with the branding for the web ad and website for MRG.

MRG Banner Mockup


I began by starting with black and white so we could focus on getting the information down in the correct hierarchy and locations before adding color.

MRG Banner Process MRG Banner Process MRG Banner Process


Then, after adding color, the ad started to take shape. I illustrated a gear for the logo to sit in and played with the layouts a little bit more.

MRG Banner Process MRG Banner Process

Banner Final Piece.

The final Web Banner was created in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

MRG Final Web Banner

Flyers Final Piece.

The final Flyers were created using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

MRG Industry Flyer Mockup