Seres Infinitos logo on a tag

Seres Infinitos.

Branding, Logo, Redesign

Created for Andrea Ortega, a fashion designer out of Mexico.


To help Andrea create her brand for her fashion line.


Working with Andrea's style and taste, I decided to hand-letter the main logo for Seres Infinitos. Furthermore, I decided to create a simplified logo for small tags and charms.

Seres Infinitos Logo


I began by researching other fashion brands. Then, I decided to put pencil to paper and draw out some logo designs. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way about how different markers and fine tip pens react with paper.

Logo Sketch Logo Sketch


But, nevertheless I was able to scan these sketches into the computer and fix them up via Adobe Illustrator. Once I cleaned the "si" sketch up in Illustrator and vectorized it, I flipped the illustration so it looked like an S and an I. I also cleaned up the hand-lettering sketch for Seres Infinitos.

Seres Infinitos Process Seres Infinitos Process Seres Infinitos Logo

The Touchpoints.

Illustrations created by Allison in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Seres Infinitos Tags Seres Infinitos Jeans